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  • $95 Full Door-to-Door Property Report

Service Area

We are happy to service any property in the Triangle, but may charge an additional fee for properties outside of our core service area. 


Our core service area includes

Durham, Raleigh, Morrisville, Cary, and Apex

An additional fee will be added for properties outside of those areas.

Contact us directly with questions if your property falls outside of those areas or outside of the Triangle.

Systems Check add-on

  • We record smoke detectors' expiration dates

  • We check cleanliness of air filters

  • We check functionality of lights

  • We check functionality of toilets and taps

  • We record model numbers of all appliances

  • We record the location of breaker box and main water shutoff valve, if applicable.





The goal of a property report is to give you a snap shot of what a property looks like at a given moment in time. This can be used in any number of ways but ultimately provides an objective, third party record of the home's condition before, after, or during a tenancy.

The property report consists of photos of:

  • walls

  • floors

  • ceiling

  • doors

  • light fixtures

  • toilets

  • sinks, cabinets, and counter tops