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As the founder of Ovation Home Services, Baxter learned from her experience in residential property management that every home requires a unique approach to maintenance. We hope that our team of sharp-eyed professionals can become the ultimate resource for real estate professionals and individual home owners in the Triangle and surrounding areas. We offer a personal touch in coordinating and communicating your needs.

Baxter is also licensed real estate broker and a property manager with

Property Specific Management


What if I order a move-out inspection only, but decide I want other services after seeing the report? 

In the event our team notices anything amiss at the move-out inspection, they will call the contact listed on the order form and go over everything that was found. If the contact wishes to add additional services at that point they will be sent a text or email asking for authorization of the work. 

The inspector will completely finish out the move-out inspection, then get to work on the other services requested. 

What is included in a property report? 

We use software that keeps each report consistent. The Ovation team member will go room-by-room following a detailed checklist to ensure every room is photographed and any noticeable damage is noted and highlighted in the report. 

What if extra cleaning or leftovers-removal service is needed?

If anything more than light cleaning is needed, or if leftovers over 40lbs need removal, please reach out to the Ovation team directly. We will strive to accommodate your needs, but each request will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. 


Phone: 919.599.0599


Mailing Address:

PO Box 5112

Cary, NC 27511


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