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We serve real estate professionals in the Raleigh-Durham area looking to take their efficiency to the next level.

From Move-Out Inspection to Re-List, 

Ovation Home Services may assist.

Scroll to see some of our most popular service offerings. 




  • We photograph your property from front to back.

  • We make note of any visible damage.

  • We deliver it all in an easy-to-read report.

* Please note: Although our property reports are very thorough, they are not intended to replace a home inspection     by a licensed home inspector. Ovation Home Services do not offer home inspections.


  • We record smoke detectors'

       expiration dates. 


  • We check cleanliness of air filters


  • We check functionality of light bulbs

  • We check functionality of toilets and taps.

  • We record model & serial numbers

       of all appliances

Maintenance Liaison

Alleviate some headache and allow Ovation to coordinate your home's pre or post sale maintenance.

We've curated a network of trusted local

vendors so that you don't have to!

We are insured.

We guarantee our work.

We solve problems.

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